Teach an old stone new tricks!

Standard size per sheet: 1580mm x 720mm & 1210mm x 610mm depend on stones
Average thickness per standard sheet: 1.2mm (1-3mm)
Average weight per standard sheet: around 1.6kg
Available in 30 standard colors and textures.

StoneSlice is a sheet of real slate stone that through unique and proprietary technology, we are able to cut into very thin and flexible sheet with fiber glass backing. Giving StoneSlice unique and beneficial characteristics that the original stone never had. StoneSlice has been designed to meet the growing need for quality surface finishes. StoneSlice behaves like any normal slate under the elements. As such it is typically used for feature walling and ceilings, furniture, indoors or out, and can also be used in water features.

Advantages of StoneSlice  
*The product is a real slate surface                                         
*Light weight                                                                          
*Flexibility - Stoneslice can be curved!                                    
Unheard of in regular slate slabs                                           
*Sizes available up to 2 metre sheets                                       
*Easily cut and shaped without having to use heavy cutting equipment, allowing for the perfect slate surface. You do not need to be a stonemason to work with Stoneslice. 
*Hassle free installation using commercially available                                             
construction-grade adhesives.

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